About Us :  

The word ‘Spandane’ means ‘Vibrations of mind.’ At times it is difficult to express this feeling in words. However I have made an attempt in the book titled ‘Spandane’ to express my Life philosophy which matured over years of my experience and my perception of this world. I have placed before you some thoughts which arose in my mind about the Life, People and Nature etc. in the said book. I am sure that whosoever tries to follow the same can make his life happy.

This Web site titled ‘www.Spandane.com’ is dedicated to my Late Father who expired at the age of 58 years after fighting with Diabetes for over 35 years. Although his life span was quantified by destiny, he led very cheerful life and remained active till his death. He managed his stress by keeping himself occupied in some activity or the other.  He was true ‘Karma Yogi’. His Life Philosophy still inspires & offers solution to me in case of need.
I have always felt that ‘Nature’ is the best friend of a mankind. You can offload / forget your tensions, worries in the grand company of ‘Nature’. Hence you will observe that my Photo Gallery consists of ‘Nature’ photographs.

My habit of expressing the vibrations in Articles, Photography, compiling Slide shows enabled me to enjoy my occupational and professional career.

Your Life should be like square meal. Your destination of ‘Happiness’ in Life will be your mind it self if you can manage to keep balance between your educational/occupational career, family, health and friendship.

After viewing this Web site ‘Spandane’ if your mind generates the waves of thoughts of Life realities & your own outlook on same, I would consider that my efforts are rewarded.

Your suggestions and comments for improving this site will be highly appreciated. You can share your views by sending email to Spandane2008@gmail.com.

The web site will be updated from time and time and I propose to add few more topics such as Astrology, Graphology, Interpretation of Body Language, Slide shows, Training slide shows, Moral Stories etc. in second phase. Photo Gallery will also be updated periodically.

In fact my son originally mooted this idea of hosting website few years back. However I could not implement the same due to preoccupation in my profession. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my wife, son, daughter, son-in law, clients and friends who have inspired me to host web-site.

I am sure that you will enjoy surfing my site ‘www.Spandane.com’.