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It is said that ‘Marriage Knots’ are tied in the ‘heaven’ but executed on ‘earth’.


Marriage is one of the most important events in the life of every person. It is often said jokingly that ‘Marriage is such a ‘Ladoo’ that whosoever eats the said Ladoo repents as much as who does not eat.’


Joke apart. Marriage brings two families together. It also brings tension, more so for bride’s parents.


This has prompted me to compile notes on this event. I had the experience of executing marriage functions of my two elder brothers when I was in my twenties.I also used this experience in co-coordinating marriage functions in my family.


One may recall character of ‘Narayan’ described by Late Shri P. L. Deshpande.(Well known Marathi Author) after viewing this section.


The success of this event largely depends on clear decision making on various issues and maintaining transparency with other family. All management principles such as Planning, decision making, delegation, control and review have role to play in this event.


I hope that various documents prepared in this section will serve as guide post to you. I do not claim that this is the exhaustive planning of marriage event. However I have made an attempt and tried to cover the basic facts. Your suggestions are most welcome.

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